hbis leader met danieli ceo giacomo mareschi-pg电子试玩入口


feb 28, hbis group chairman yu yong met danieli ceo giacomo mareschi in hbis headquarter. the two sides had in-depth discussions on such as further deepening cooperation, application and promotion of hydrogen metallurgy technology, and joint promotion of green and low-carbon development of china's iron and steel industry. hbis vice president huang yongjian and danieli china ceo zhang chang were also in the meeting.  

mr. yu yong said danieli was a renowned manufacturer of metallurgical equipment with tremendous advantages in metallurgical technologies. danieli has made great contributions in the low carbon efforts of chinese steel industry. hbis and danili are far more than a buyer and a seller, instead, we are project partners in hbis shisteel project and have opened a new era of cooperation. in the future, it is hoped that the two sides will further deepen cooperative relations, identify new converging points in such fields as reducing carbon footprint and promoting hydrogen metallurgy technology, realize common development and progress, and make new and greater contributions to the green and low-carbon development of china's steel industry.

mr. mareschi said chinese market was always the most important market for danieli and it would continue to take great opportunities by more investment, localized teams and its core technologies. hbis shisteel will be a showpiece in the reform from a conventional long procedure to short procedure facility. it will show the new development concepts of hbis, and danieli is very glad to have established an equity partnership in hbis shisteel new area project. in future, danieli wishes to find more opportunities with hbis and contribute its technologies and equipment to provide project solutions and more value.